About Me

I am a qualified Industrial Engineer on the weekday and a photographer in the rest of my time. While I enjoy the analytical, process-driven and problem-solving side of my life, photography brings out that creative side which I didn’t know existed until much later in my short life.

At first, it was just casually taking photos when my uncle lent me his small digital camera and playing with my parents’ camera phones. Then the bug bit and it bit hard. Now, I find myself owning my very own DSLR and using it to bring out the joy of taking photos.

My biggest inspiration came from the album booklets that came with CDs (when they were still the norm). When I bought a CD I would first open the cover, take out the booklet, and just look at the pictures. Dreaming that, one day, I would be able to take photos like that (or better) and they would be in a booklet.

Another inspiration in terms of my photography is the work of Peter Lindbergh. As a big lover of the black and white aspect of photography (especially with regards to portraiture and editorial) his attention to detail, his eye for capturing the right emotion, and his ability to see the perfect moment at the right time made a big impression on me.

It took a lot of time and practice, and I am pleased with the progress I’ve made thus far. It is a constant journey of continuous improvement. The people I’ve met along the way, the friends I’ve made, and the connections and relationships that were formed have all been an integral part of my photography. For that, I’m always grateful and feel like it is what I’m supposed to be doing at this moment in time.

So, join me and let’s create and capture some epic memories!

They say “A picture is worth a 1000 words”.
I pose a different statement,
“A picture is worth a lifetime of memories”.





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Based in Centurion, South Africa